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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Review: Gothic - Demons

Romanian melodic death metallers Gothic have quite a journey behind them. Being formed in 1992, they released their first critically acclaimed album “Touch Of Eternity” in 1998. Between 2000 and 2004, the band relocated to Belgium, changed their name to Innerfire and recorded another album, before their guitarist/ vocalist was sent back to Romania, where he re-formed Gothic. Gothic’s lineup changed a couple of times, thus far they have two albums under their belt since being back to Romania. Their 3rd one, “Demons”, was released on 10th of February this year. Let’s check it out!

It becomes clear quite soon that Gothic are not standard melodic death metallers, but rather play a heavy mix of classic death, infused with melodic parts and splashes of heavy metal. This is a recipe for furious tracks, as are the first two on the album, “Shadow Man” and “Disillusion”. The title track comes with some influences from the power metal and doom genres, resulting in a groovy, while still heavy, track. A must-hear! This nice blend-in of different styles can be found throughout the album guaranteeing a very diverse and enjoyable listening experience. “Destroying The Masses” is the by far darkest of the whole lot, being very close to an oldschool death metal song. Of note is also the eighth and final track, “New End”, which is sung entirely in Romanian.

Conclusion: “Demons” is a great, very diverse album. To just put it in the melodeath genre would be too simple, rather Gothic manage to take oldschool death to the present and mix it with a couple of other genres. Production’s great, songwriting’s great, cover art as well, so nothing to complain about! Give it a go! 10/10.

Written by Julia Obenauer

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