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Friday, October 24, 2014

Interview In Aevum Agere

In Aevum Agere. Does that bandname mean something?

R. It means “To live forever” in latin

Could you tell something about the history of the band?

R- Well, band born as one man band around 2004. After so many years of thrash metal I was inspired to write songs purely classic doom. From the depth of soul is the very first work of the band, was great success in the international metal underground.

You play doom metal. In what way are you unique from other bands that play that style?

R- I think music of In Aevum Agere is versatile. A personal sound in constantly evolving.

Could you tell something about the influences of your music?

R- Personally I have so many influences, I come from thrash metal but Candlemass is definitely the band that has influenced sound of in Aevum Agere.

Soon you release Limbus Animae. How is it going to be?

R- Very good! Excellent reviews and response, high hopes for new album!

What is the difference between the new release and your debut album The Shadow Tower?

R- evolution!

What are the lyrics about on Limbus Animae?

R- New album turns around theme of Divine Comedy and Limbus Animae is one of the songs about Dante’s theme. But the tragedy of solitude and the lack of comprehension are fundamental matters for In Aevum Agere lyrics

Are there any future plans for In Aevum Agere?

R- New album, this is very first purpose of the band and we prepare for next concerts in Europe!

Can we expect to see you live? Where and when?

R- we play again around Europe at Malta Doom in the next 24 october and at Doom Over Vienna in 7 november, these are next dates out of Italy.

Is there anything else you want to share?

R- thanx so much for the opportunity and I’d like to greet all metal supporters around the world!


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