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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Interview Born Of Fire

 You are Born of Fire. Could you tell something about the history of the band?

Victor - Sure, Born of Fire was conceived in the late 90’s by our good friend Micha Kite. Micha was one of the guitarists for the band "Psychic Pawn" which Steve, Victor & Bobby were all a part of in the early 90’s. Micha was offered a spot on the Iron Maiden Tribute album 'Maiden America' slated to be released by Twilight Records. The problem was that Micha didn't have a band at the time... So, he contacted all of us & asked if we would be interested in putting together a project to be a part of this tribute album. We are all fans of Maiden & all agreed to get back together to make it happen. We found a vocalist & went into the studio & recorded two songs for the Tribute, we did "Remember Tomorrow" for the cover song & "Fire & Brimstone" for the original. It was a two disc Tribute, one disc being the Tribute disc, the other being an original disc with one original song from each of the bands. We had a great time doing it so we decided to write some more songs together & head back to the studio to track a demo. We ended up doing the demo, a full-length CD & an EP over the next 4 years. We also had some negotiations going with Capitol Records at that time. They seemed very interested in us & we had several meetings with thier rep. But then the tragedy of 9/11 happened & everything fell through the cracks. We all just went on with our lives & took a break. Then, in 2011 we had the opportunity to release all of "Born of Fires" past studio work on an "Anthology" CD through No Remorse Records. It was then that we decided we had unfinished business & we wanted to do another studio album. There were many obstacles & struggles getting it done but that is another story altogether. We got it done, had a great time doing it & we are all very pleased with the outcome.
What are the influences of your music?

Victor - There are so many. Each of us has a favorite genre but we all listen to so many different bands, it's a big list of influences. On "Dead Winter Sun" the listener will hear glimpses of everything from "Fates Warning" to "Nevermore" to "Maiden" & "Queensryche." You might even hear a bit of "Katatonia" & "Opeth" in the music. There is also some thrash & doom elements mixed in.

You play power metal. In what opinion are you unique from other  power metal bands?

Victor - Well, I think this question can be answered in part by the answers to the last question. There are so many influences at work on this album. We really strived to make something with originality when we wrote these songs. In the past we were stifled with un-original vocal styles & were labeled somewhat of a copy band. But now with Gordon on vox it's a whole different game. He has so much versatility & is such a dynamic singer. He really brought the whole thing up a few notches.

You are going to release Dead Winter Sun. How is it going to be?

Victor - We are excited to finally get this record out. We worked on it hard for a whole year and had to overcome many obstacles in our way, but we did it and we are very proud of this new record and we hope all the fan love it!

What is the difference with your earlier releases?

 Victor - In a nutshell it's Gordons' vocals. Additionally, we are all a bit older & I think our new music reflects more maturity & is more sophisticated then our past releases. We also recorded this new CD at Bobbys recording studio so we were able to take more time on the production part of it.

What are the lyrics about on it?

Victor - The lyrics are written in such a manner as to be interperated differently by everyone. One song may have a certain meaning to one individual & have a completely different meaning to another. For example, Gordon originally wrote the song "Dead Winter Sun" about how winter tends to zap the life out of some people that live in harsher winter conditions. When I first read the lyrics to the song it reflected the cycle of life & nature to me. Someone else might have even another completely different interperatation of the song. I will say that there is a message in each song that is all it's own.

Are there any future plans for Born of Fire?

 Victor - Yes. We plan on doing some shows both locally & overseas if possible. If we are offered to do another CD I think we would be up for that as well.

Can we expect to see Born of Fire live? Where and when will it happen?

Victor - We sure hope to. We all love the stage & want to do some shows. We will update as soon as we have something in the works.

Is there anything else you want to share?

Victor - We all just want to thank everyone that has supported us now & in the past. We really appreciate our fans & we hope that you all enjoy "Dead Winter Sun."

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