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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bone Alley - demo 2014 review

Started just a few months ago, in February and already an demo. That is Bone Alley, the one man project of Miasmas. He takes care of everything; guitars, bass, vocals, sampling and drum programming. Hailing from St. John's Newfoundland, Canada, he produces pure raw black metal as it used to be. His first demo was released digitally in May of this year. 

The demo contains 4 tracks of raw black metal. First track Evoke is a little bit calm, but that will soon be over. When track number two, Drinking From Skulls, Your Sorrow And Ice, starts you won't be able to do nothing but listening. You want to scream all your emotions out of your body and get totally out of your mind with this demo. That's the kind of music it is. Raw, pure, aggressive, black metal as black metal used to be.

So, when you love black metal, go listen to this demo and follow the band for more, because you will love this! 

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